The Missionary Tag

The Missionary Tag is created for future, current, and return missionaries. The missionary badge isn't meant to be in storage. It's meant to be seen everyday. The Missionary Tag allows everyone to remember the great experiences had on the mission field.

Never Forget

Missionary Tag Rustic Wood Picture Frame

Rustic grey wood picture frame for the missionary badge with mid pocket This... 

Memory in a Picture Frame

The Missionary Tag represents hundreds if not thousands of experiences in a short period of time. It doesn't deserve to be in a box, in a drawer, or in storage. It's time to make a place for the missionary badge to be seen on a regular basis. You can place it on the desk, on the bookshelf, on the nightstand, near an room entrance. It can be placed anywhere that can hold any other 5" x 7" picture frame. Remember the tag.

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  • Future Missionaries

    Future Missionaries come from all ages. Primary children, youth, young adults, or seniors. Missionary service brings forth wonderful people from all walks of life.

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  • Member Missionary

    All members of the church are invited to participtate in the missionary work. Every member can be a missionary.

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  • Missionary

    Missionaries give up a period of time for selfless service to others. Missionaries make a positive contribution to society wherever they serve.

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