About Us

Our Story 

My missionary service was one of the best and fulfilling experiences for my life. Every good thing that has happened to me after my mission has been from the lessons I learned in the service of my fellow beings. 

I served my mission in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission, Spanish speaking. 

After the mission, my missionary badge became a symbol of the standards, principles, and values I lived for two years. I didn’t want to pull it out of storage, a desk, or a box years down the road just to remember all the great experiences I had. For that reason, I created a simple yet powerful way to always remember my two-year transformation. 

The Creation of the Missionary Tag

I began by taking one of my old, and yellowing stained shirt from my mission, and cut out the white shirt pocket. Then, with a piece of cardboard, tape, and a 5” x 7” picture frame, I created the Missionary Tag. Enlivened, I placed it where I could see it everyday. For me it was on my desk in my bedroom next to my mission scriptures and journals. 

Soon after, I took my other mission white shirts and made gifts for close family and friends. I realized that when I gave my gift out to my loved ones, I saw them take out their missionary badges from out of storage and do the same thing. I could see the renewed excitement. 

The Missionary Tag

We, at Missionary Tag, help people remember the great experiences had by missionary service. All those that served, and all that helped those to serve missions will relive those precious experiences as they remember the tag. 

- Levi

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