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Missionary Tag

Primary Missionary Tag Grey Frame

Primary Missionary Tag Grey Frame

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Grey picture frame for future missionaries.

This product is designed to for the primary boys missionary's tag to sit in the picture frame. If the missionary has a white handbook, they can insert the handbook in the pocket behind the missionary tag. 

Dimensions: 4" x 6" 

Color: Grey

Intended for:

  • Future missionaries
  • Primary Boys ages 4 – 11 


Comes with: 

  • Picture frame
  • Missionary Tag pocket
  • Future Missionary badge

*** Does not come with a missionary planner, booklet, name tag, or globe. These items can be sold separately ***


Wood picture frame with a custom-made white fabric for the pocket.

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5" x 7"

Care Instructions

Use lint roller to clean fabric.

Use damp rang to clean frame.

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Remember the Tag

The Missionary Tag helps all to remember the most cherised experiences. Just a glance at the tag will ignite beloved memories.